TK 3000/H

Aquarium chillers

Aquarium chillers

Advanced refrigeration technology

The exclusive use of internationally recognized high-performance rotary compressors and titanium exchanger guarantees high performance and reduced energy consumption. The set of technologies used make it possible to reduce noise levels and obtain the highest COP values ​​- coefficient of performance - contributing to significant energy savings.

Digital thermostat

Setting the functions is intuitive and the temperature reading is precise, resolution 0.1°C /0.2°F. The setting range is 5°-35°C (41°F -95°F) and the temperature is kept constant with a minimum differential (0.5°C/1°F). The display is possible in °C or °F and there are safety alarms.

Aesthetics and Functionality

The cooler is characterized by a solid structure designed to guarantee ideal protection against oxidation and therefore perfect for use with salt water.

Unique features

These are units also suitable for use in industrial applications. Air filter maintenance is quick and easy. Optional: it is possible to request the unit with resistance. The heater and UV-C lamp are standard in the Heating version (Mod.TK3000H - TK6000H).
Water temperature
US Gallons
25°C* 3000 790 2,8
8°C** 500 210 1,4
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*The values ​​shown in the table relate to the following conditions: temp. ambient 30 °C, heat load of 0.2 w/lt.
**The values ​​shown in the table refer to the following conditions: temp. ambient 30 °C, heat load of 0.1 w/lt
***Coefficient of performance
Power supply
Power consumption Gas Weight Ambient temperature
230V 800W R410A 39 kg
10°C - 38°C
800W R410A 39 kg 10°C - 38°C
                                                                                                                          All data are indicative and can be changed without notice by TECO.