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TECO on your side

How is life inside your aquarium going? How are Teco’s chillers doing their job?


TECO TK R290 chillers line brings more power with less energy into the market of refrigeration technologies.


Water at the right temperature helps your plants grow better

OCET | Just chilling

OCET innovative TECHNOLOGY guarantees high refrigeration performance, but also respect of the Planet, with only ecological refrigerants

Training program

For a company as TECO SRL_Refrigeration Technologies, training and updating cannot be interrupted, despite the emergency.

TK R290 Products Line

The TK R290 chiller line is TECO's bet into a cooler and sustainable future. With an eye to the the environment and the other to the upcoming ban on HFCS gases

Made in Italy

Teco’s refrigeration technologies are proudly made in Italy for a pool of customers that reaches far out into the four corners of the world

TK500 Feel the difference

Marine life, and fishes in particular, are extremely sensitive to rapid changes in water temperature

TECOnnect extra

When you have an aquarium you can’t take a day off, unless you can always be remotely connected