Our History

TECO Srl is an Italian family business

Established under the name TECO S.r.l in 1988 following the activity of grandfather Alberto Turci Visini, a naval engineer who in the post-war period decided to transform military ships into fishing boats, developing refrigeration systems for the storage and freezing of fish.
The history


In the 1950s, his sons Ezio and Bruno Turci made their first experience in Alberto Turci Visini’s FRIGOVIS company.


In the 1960s, they set up their own business creating MIVIS developing DC refrigerators for boats and caravans. At the end of 1966, they acquired the patent, the drawings and the compressor of a portable refrigerator from INDESIT S.p.A of Turin.
The production was extended to other products: refrigeration units, iceboxes etc.

Sales developed and it became necessary to increase production.


In the 1970s, INDEL was established, a plant in S. Agata Feltria, which carries out refrigeration technology on boats and caravans.
Nasa chooses INDEL refrigeration.
INDEL has studied and realized an orbital refrigeration system that can work at zero gravity and with the possibility to rotate at 360°C. The system has been installed on the space shuttles “CHALLENGER and COLUMBIA” participating with the new double powered refrigerating system to the flights scheduled until the 1986.
The first monoblocs (counters and cabinets) were also created.


In the 1980s, they developed new cooling technologies, silent technologies that allow cold systems to enter hotel rooms with minibars.

In the mid-1980s Indel was sold to the Berloni group. Indel B. was established.
In 1988, TECO was established under the guidance of Ezio Turci, Bruno Turci and Stelio Bubani, a promising former student of Ezio during his career as a technical drawing teacher and employee in the previous company.

The first TECO products were ST13 (commercial sector) and RA240 (aquarium sector).


After Ezio’s death, Massimo Turci took over the commercial sector in 2005.
TECO 2 was established in 2008 to address the increase in production in the commercial sector (OEM plug-in units). In 2011 Massimo became a partner. In 2013 TECO 4 was established (production of products for the aquarium and offset market).

In 2015 the threshold of over 15 employees was reached. In 2016, TECO develops a product dedicated to the emerging hydroponics sector, where there is a need to keep the water temperature controlled. Since its establishment, TECO has approached foreign markets with conviction.

Today the TECO brand is present and known internationally.